Identity Theft Protection

Do you have identity theft protection?

Identity theft is big business. If identity theft were a legitimate business it would be a fortune 500 company. The United States Bureau of Justice Statistics estimated that 16.5 million people experienced identity theft in 2012 with financial losses estimated at $24.7 billion. “Bureau of Justice Statistics “

It is currently estimated that a stolen credit card is worth between fifty cents ($0.50) and twenty dollars($20.00). A stolen medical record is estimated to go for between twenty ($20.00) and fifty dollars ($50.00). This makes sense. Credit Card issuers are doing a better job of identifying fraud and shutting down compromised cards. It is relatively easy to change your credit card number, it is far more difficult to change your health conditions. If a criminal has access to your health information he or she might try to impersonate you with fake identification and file fraudulent insurance claims or try to open credit accounts in your name. The more personally identifiable information the criminal has the easier it is for them to perpetrate fraud.

Many people are diligent about checking their charges, bank balances and credit reports. Some people even have some form of identity theft protection. Do you know if your coverage includes your children? Did you know that if a thief obtains a name, address, date of birth and Social Security Number for a teen they will wait until the child turns eighteen (18) and then open fraudulent accounts? A criminal can rack up far more debt on a person with no credit history.

Please contact Jackson Kahl Insurance to speak with an agent regarding Identity Theft Protection for individuals and Cyber Liability Protection for your business.

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