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At Jackson Kahl, we help our customers pinpoint health insurance programs that best fit their needs. We have a variety of quality plans from which to choose.

Heath Savings Account (HSA) Plans help families control costs by marrying a lower cost high-deductible health insurance plan with a tax-advantaged savings account. The savings account helps pay the deductible, and once deductibles are met, your insurance starts paying. Any money left in the savings account earns interest and is yours to keep.

High Deductible Plans offer a lower insurance premium in exchange for a higher deductible. Generally, a high deductible plan is more cost-effective for the insured.

Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) plans provide health coverage through an approved network of providers.

Point of Service (POS) plans allow you to select your own doctor, or choose from a list of approved providers for additional cost savings.

Medicare Supplement plans offer added insurance above and beyond Medicare.

Dental plans offer coverage for exams, x-rays and fillings and can extend to cover more involved procedures and orthodontia.

Short-term Medical plans offer catastrophic coverage for periods of 30-180 days to fill temporary health insurance needs.


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